I’m having one of those nights. You know the kind. When your tired—oh, so tired—but your mind is like, “No, honey, you ain’t sleeping yet.”

My body craves sleep. I feel the weariness digging deep into my bones. My mind, though, it just refuses to shut down.

I keep seeing words flying by every time I close my eyes. I kid you not. My Muse is standing in the shadows, whispering its sweet-nothings in my ear, hoping I’ll take the bait. I kinda have, though, cos I’m jotting down ideas like I’m on crack. Crazy, I know.

All the while, my body is yearning to lie down. To dive into that sweet oblivion only the night can bring. I’m hoping sleep comes soon, cos I know if it doesn’t, I’ll be walking around like a zombie until I finally pass out from exhaustion.


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