Life And Death

It’s mind-boggling, sometimes, how we take things for granted. How we go about our lives, always assuming things will be exactly where we left them. Perhaps we assume the people we love and surround ourselves with will always be there no matter what.

There comes a time when our lives are turned topsy-turvy. When everything we’ve done, the people we’ve loved, and the world around us sort of disappears. We start to second guess ourselves, wondering if things will ever go back to the way they were before.

Recently, a friend of mine—he and I weren’t close, mind you, but he was still a friend, nonetheless—passed away. He had short battle with cancer that took his life in the blink of an eye.

It made me realize just how much we take things for granted. We always think life will remain the same. That some things will never change. It’s like we cocoon ourselves in such a way that we barely notice the larger things in life that surround us.

It sucks, a bit, that it takes the death of a friend or loved one to open our eyes to things we should have seen or done ages ago. I’ve been wondering why life is like that. It’s like we walk around with permanent blinders on.

Sadness fills me to know that death has taken a life so unexpectedly. I feel for my friends family—his sons, his daughters, and his wife. The pain they’re going through is excruciating. I know, because I’ve experienced it in the past when someone I’ve loved has passed.

Life, love, friends, family—we should stop taking them all for granted. One day, they’re there. The next, they’re gone. The emptiness they leave behind is heavy, felt every second of every day.

It makes me wish I’d have gotten in touch more. Alas, hindsight only goes so far, right? On the bright side, I’ll always have the memories.


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